Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The APEX SP-4 is an all-purpose nuclear camera, yet optimally designed for superb SPECT and Planar imaging, especially in the area of nuclear cardiology applications. It incorporates a 400mm Circular Field-of-View, with an advanced optronic detector designed to yield outstanding lesion detectability. For more information, please download the SP-4 Datasheet.

System Description


The SP-4 system uses a detector based on a high-speed, automatic detector calibration package with built-in optronic detector stabilization, leading to optimal digital tuning at each energy level for highly accurate single and multi-isotope imaging.

It has a 3/8 (9.5 mm) NaI(T1) crystal with 37 high quantum efficiency photomultiplier tubes. The Detector is a Circular 400 cm Field-of-View (FOV) with Energy range shielding of 40 - 400 keV. The Ultra-high count rate performance features a maximal count-rate of 500 kcps. It has an Optimally ergonomic design for cardiac and brain imaging, featuring a 3.2 off-center magnification for superb brain SPECT scans.


An 85 cm computer-controlled ring-gantry supports the detector. Its Vacuum fluorescent flat panel display atop the gantry provides digital readout of detector head and gantry positioning. Includes a 12-function hand-held remote command unit controls gantry motionand data acquisition.



The table has a single low attenuation carbon-fiber which is used for planar and tomographic applications, facilitating patient positioning in these procedures. The table top features vertical motorized motion, traveling from 65cm minimal height to 95cm maximum height.


Acquisition Workstation

The integrated workstation includes an ergonomically-designed operator console featuring a 512 x 512 color monitor for image display , a 14" alphanumeric monitor for control, and an extended keyboard with both standard and functional keypads.

The functional keypad includes 96 keys, 24 of which are user-programmable; a highly sensitive trackball and positional keys for interactive graphics control; two control knobs enabling fine digital tuning of the display; and a cine-rate adjustment knob.


Acquisition Features

The APEX SP-4 can acquire images in Static, Dynamic, Multi-gated, List mode, SPECT and Gated SPECT acquisition modes.

It provides simultaneous foreground data review and networking Acquisition termination by preset time, preset count or manual stop. It has User-definable preset protocols for easy acquisition set-up. Up to four isotopes/peaks enabling multi-isotope or multi-peak(summed) acquisition. Includes Persistence mode display, Continuous range off-center magnification, Rotated and reflected acquisition modes (in steps of 512 channel PHA display.





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