Introducing C ! - Dual Head Compact Cardiac Imaging
Tuesday, March 05, 2013
Imaging made Simple!

  • Patient Friendly
  • Fast & Intuitive
  • Open Gantry Design

C! - Form Follows Function

Photon2 proudly introduces its new cardiac nuclear camera - The C!

Some of the C! unique features are:

Chair Design - Insures easy patient access and positioning, allowing for ease of patient exchange and comfortable patient scanning position. Itís excellent and easy for wheelchair bound patients and/or extra large patients.

Cardiac imaging positioning - is key to insuring a good image. The relaxed forward sitting imaging position assures maximum patient comfort (no more arms over head), while insuring minimum heart to detector distance, with no possible detector pinch.

The upright sitting position - allows for a patient to be comfortably entertained while being scanned, minimizing patient movement by keeping the patient focused on DVD screen.

The closed detector design - prohibits patient detector pinch as the detector cannot directly touch the patient. The distance between the patients chest and the detector is minimal since the detector cowling is tailored to the detector arc of movement.

Touch screen technology Ė the C!ís flat-screen allows the technologist quick set up for the patient scan, easy monitoring of the images, without having to move to a remote acquisition workstation.

The C!ís ergonomic and compact design - allows for all the innovative operational features to be performed, while occupying the smallest equipment footprint in nuclear medicine.

Superb connectivity - it accepts patient work-list entries from PACS/RIS systems and also has the ability to provide DICOM outputs of itís data.

High and fast return-on-investment - affordably priced, the C! reduces initial installation costs and space constraint limitations due to small gantry design which will easily fit into an (7í x 7í) exam room. Simple operation and fast setup provides exceptional patient-throughput, which translates into a higher revenue stream.

typical Floor Plan:

Download datasheet for the C! here

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